Central core of PACS designated to archive and manage patient's medical images and data


With its simple and practical design, this program provides specialists with immediate receiving and browsing of images


provides the users with access to images through the web. In such way that, having connection to the internet and entering the healthcare center’s website


This system is set up independently on a server, and in a managed way, communicates with HIS server, Pacs server and medical imaging devices

Centers Under The Provision
Total Study
Total DICOM Image

EFTA Certificate

The Information Technology Organization of Iran, after a thorough revision of Tahavolat Novin Yademan’s software and presented infrastructures, issued the certificate of security of production space and information transmission, (EFTA) for Marcopacs products.

How can help you?

Marcopacs has been a leader in providing modern services in the field of PACS service and medical imaging software. You can see the products offered by the Marcopacs team and are continuously supported and get acquainted with this company’s goals and long-term vision.

In the following, you will get acquainted with some important products of the company that are the main solutions for the realization of a digital hospital.

DivisonMedical Application

Windows OS workstation that displays medical images with the help of the diPacs (PACS Medical Center) and allows physicians to examine images. With a simple and practical design, this program provides the ability to receive and browse images immediately, so that normally it takes less than 5 seconds to receive images of the disease with 100 images.

Metric, Management solution and Integrating medical images on the web

Metric is a state-of-the-art secure web platform for viewing, detecting, and reporting radiological images in a variety of modalities. All images are visible in the DICOM diagnostic quality metric.

Karname, Integration platform HIS & RIS work process

Establishing a connection between the HIS and the imaging device is essential in order to exchange patient information, regardless of the treatment center PACS system. Karname is a secure, fast, and flexible way to solve this problem.

Support (24/7)

The marcopacs support team has come up with a variety of ways to better connect with you. Our colleagues in the support team will always be by your side as soon as possible.

Research and innovation

Innovation is the creation of value for the customer through the implementation of ideas and creativity.

As a leading company in the field of medical imaging software, Marcopacs has always put the latest software technologies on the agenda of the Research and Innovation Unit.