Introduction of MARCO PACS

«Short introduction of MARCO PACS»

We have been granted the honor to have over 15 years of experience in the field of PACS, gaining the trust of more than 440 hospitals, imaging centers, and universities of medical sciences throughout the country and the largest PACS provider in Iran. Knowledge Based MARCO PACS COMPANY has constantly strived to gain the customers’ satisfaction by providing them with the highest level of service.However, we will never be proud of our position and will always strive for better softwares and design and ease of use.Your support is our encouragement. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions that will help us to enhance the products and services.For more information please  contact +98 2188507445.

Protecting the environment is our duty

DID YOU KNOW? Using PACS, in addition to increasing diagnostic power and accessibility worldwide, eliminates radiological films and thus prevents the destruction of the environment.

What is PACS?

In Fact diPacs functions as the central core of the healthcare center, and provides centralized Storage and management of the images and also information. To do so , after the installation of the dipacs it is vital to define the dipacs specification in different modalities such as (CT,MR,XA,US,…) then the entire images and the exams of the diagnostic operations will be sent to dipacs.

What is division?

DiVision system is a program that is accessible for professionals and users to retrieve images via diPacs system and the hospital network. The program with its simple and functional design, has provide the possibility to receive and review the images immediately. In a way that to receive the patient’s image with 100 images less than 5 seconds is sufficient.

What is Skyweb System?

Healthcare complexes which are made up of a number of health centers, require an integrated solution for single access to all covered centers, so that only by accessing that single portal and in a simple search, the entire intended patients' records and reports can be observed.

What is Printer Server?

The dipacs system replaces the old printers' film, which print images received from modalities onto A3 or A4 papers instead of radiology film, which in addition to reducing the medical costs of the center can be delivered as a diagnostic help with a CD to the patient.


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