DICOM Worklist Broker

Broker is The missing link provides the thorough automation of health care center. In reality, it provides the two-way communication between the imaging device and the health information system, by the implementation of which, the mechanized information is loaded onto the imaging device and the imaging expert does not need to enter the information manually.

This routine, in addition to minimizing the imaging expert error, creates a unique identifier between the systems so that with the same patient ID, all the different systems of HIS and Pacs can track the patient’s desired services.

Integration with RIS / HIS

  • Integration with all HIS / RISs under their preferred protocol.

Connection to the imaging device

  • Connect with the imaging device under the DICOM MWL v3.0 protocol and send the Worklist.

Sending information fields 

  • It is possible to set the fields of information sent to the device in accordance with the facilities announced by the center (and HIS).

Recording the result of the imaging

  • It is possible to record the result of the operation from the imaging device to the HIS / RIS system.

Name Correction

  • Agent system is to allow name correction that are not translated correctly into the converting engine.

Permanent registration of corrections

  • Any corrections made by Agent are permanently registered in the system and henceforth used.

Providing dedicated Worklist

  • According to the definitions carried out in HIS / RIS, different devices receive each Worklist of their own.

Sharing WorkList

  • If the center accepts patients in multiple devices jointly, these devices can use the shared list in the Worklist Broker system.

Unlimited number of devices

  • The system is commonly used by devices and unlimited in the number of connected devices.