PACS - MARCO PACS- مارکو پکس


In Fact diPacs functions as the central core of the healthcare center, and provides centralized Storage and management of the images and also information. To do so , after the installation of the dipacs it is crucial to define the dipacs specification in different modalities such as (CT,MR,XA,US,…) then the entire images  and the exams of the diagnostic operations will be sent to dipacs. It is necessary to mention that some modalities cannot submit the images automatically.
As the dipacs system receives the images, records and registers them and then updates the worklist. dipacs system can make the received images available to the network users as well. The specialists can have access to the information with no boundaries whatsoever.
Meanwhile in case of numerous patients in the dipacs system, the archiving of the images on dvd are carried out automatically and in the future in case of the need, referral to the images are importable to the system.
If the physician are provided with the internet, both division and web based can be the means to receive the images.