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The kavosh solution allows specialists and users of a set of health care services to view patients’ medical information and images, without having to worry about which centers patients are being photographed in, and only by contacting the kavosh portal.

  1. Presenting advanced medical tools for medical images analysis and diagnosis
  2. Users’ access levels management and activities history control
  3. Access anywhere with just an internet connection

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Images viewing integrated system with managed access levels of the covered centers

 Medical services complexes consisting of several medical centers, need to establish an integrated solution for unit access to all covered centers, in such a way that, only by having access to a single port and doing a simple search, the entire patients’ records and the considered reports , can be viewed uniquely. Kavosh is a solution that provides specialists and users of a health-care center with the possibility of viewing patient’s medical images and information, without having to worry about in which medical imaging center the patient has been imaged. Moreover, they can take advantage of each single Metric features (Web-based system for processing and displaying medical images) Hospitals, health centers, clinics, physician offices and even patients themselves, are given the opportunity to use this system under central management and also with defined access levels.

What values does Kavosh create?

Features and advantages

User’s management and roles

In Kavosh system it is probable to create roles with the specified access level. As a matter of fact, the roles with the highest permission level and the roles with the lowest permission level can be defined. On top of that, in the User Management section, users can be defined and assigned the desired roles.


Making use of Kavosh, the PACS administrator can search by date, user and performed actions. By the help of this feature, the actions that each user has taken in the Pacs , the details of the action and what it was like before and what it’s like after applying the changes, can be specified.

As an instance, user A logs in to the Kavosh system and edits a patient In this way, two actions, the login to kavosh and Patient edit are recorded and the PACS administrator can monitor that the user A with what IP or at what time has logged in to Kavosh system. Not only that, the previous value and the new value of the edited patient can be fully checked.


In this feature, system resources can be defined and users’ access to any resource or record can be specified.

For instance, we can provide a situation in which the user X and Y, view only the patients reported by physician A. Or in another example, we want a specific user to see patients whose type of imaging is CT As a result, when that user logs in, he only has access to CT images. Or suppose users A and B are defined in the system and we want user A to view the reported images and not the unreported ones. User B view images that have the male gender and recorded by a specific referring physician. In this way, users’ access to system resources can be restricted with the Authority feature.

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This solution provides users with windows of opportunities. The patients’ clinical information, such as Persian name, national ID number and type of service can be received and be used for reporting and access management. From the PACS system, there is no restriction on communication form and the invitation can be done.

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Taking into the account that the output of diagnostic imaging is ultimately implemented in the form of a report by specialist physicians, providing appropriate solutions for reporting in all services, is crucial. The entire efforts of imaging department and technical staff, and the radiologists are summarized in the final report, which must be available to the treating physician with utter accuracy at the right time and place.

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Another significant feature of Kavosh, is providing users with simple and yet advanced charts. This feature allows managers to have different reports as needed. For instance, in a specific period of time, it is possible to review and compare the number of imaging created in different modalities.

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