Introducing the Marquette
Knowledge Base, the foundation of modern evolvement - MarcoPacs, a provider and provider of comprehensive Hospital Pix systems and its complementary products with more than 430 coverage centers nationwide, with its latest achievements in storage and The exchange of medical pictures in accordance with World Day Standards has always been an effort to provide the best and most up-to-date services to its coverage centers. With the goal of providing online and online services, MarcoPax has been a top priority for its customers, and over 15 years of operational experience in this field, it has always been able to serve its customers in the shortest possible time using technological solutions. Comprehensive collaboration with central provinces, Hormozgan, Yazd, Zanjan, North Khorasan, and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran and more than 20 other medical universities, medical and specialized medical and medical centers in the country has led to a wide range of expectations and Applications are responsive to MarcoPacs products.