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Marco Pacs is a manufacturer of storage media for medical images

What is Pacs?

In fact, the diPacs system acts as the core of the PACS Center, providing centralized management of images and information. For this, after installing the diPacs system, it is necessary to define the diPacs' specification in all of the center modalities (CT, MR, XA, US) ... and all the images and examinations of the diagnostic operation are sent to the diPacs system.

What is diVision?

The diVision system is a program that is available to experts and users to retrieve images from the diPacs system through the hospital network. With simple and practical design, the program allows you to immediately download and view images. It takes less than 5 seconds to normally download images with 100 images.

What is Skyweb system?

The health services collections, which consist of a number of treatment centers, require a unified solution for single access to all covered centers so that only by accessing that single portal and in a simple search, all patients' records and reports are unique. To observe

What is a print server ?

The diSCS system replaces the old printers' film, which sends images of modalities instead of radiology film onto A3 or A4 paper, which in addition to reducing the medical costs of the center can be diagnosed with a CD delivery.

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