Exchange System reports
February 24, 2018
Web-based system
February 24, 2018
  • Missing ring for complete automation of treatment centers. In fact, there is a two-way communication between the imaging device and the center’s information center, which, with its implementation, mechanized information is loaded on the imaging machine and the operator does not need to enter the data manually. This procedure, in addition to minimizing the operator error , Creates a unique identifier between systems so that with the same patient ID in all different systems of HIS and Pacs, it is possible to track the patient’s delivery of the desired service.
  • On the other hand, with the provision of the service to allow automatic completion of announced Center 5MPPS the process to HIS PIC shall provide, to In such a way that immediately after the completion of the process of data collection and the resulting status of the PIC through the Broker system for Modality and then sent for HIS system. Thus, the last PIC status of patients without the need for user intervention or operator, and it will be recorded automatically in HIS system.
  • In fact this obvious distinction of the collection is to provide integrated data system Marco with the capability of compatible with all existing systems and services at the centers is made possible.