February 24, 2018
Specialized workstation
February 24, 2018
DiVision system of the program is to provide the experts and users to take photos of the diPacs system of the hospital network and through to recovery. This program is a simple and practical design, with the possibility to download and browse your images immediately. Manner that is normal to get tsavirbimari with 111 files, less than 5 seconds the time required.
This program features several major operations, such as Window Level, Zoom/Pan, Annotation, and so on. Also the advanced ROI operations, Scott Number, View CT, Synchronization (Auto/Manual), Export to AVI, JPG. MPR to the user. Also, the possibility of writing a report in Word format can be done automatically with the desired Dynamic Center, estimated that the standard be defined center-column report forms and in diVision system. Also, the user the possibility to transfer CD/DVD and even raite photos on the Flash.
If that diVision system manual on computer specialists (Laptop) computer or misi (Desktop) to install your home or place of work, will be able to take images of the same as when the Center, through Internet download and report, and then send the reports to the Centre.