Certificates and licenses
February 24, 2018
February 24, 2018
In fact, the central nucleus of the PACS System diPacs as therapeutic practice, and reserve Center and management of images and information will provide focused. For this matter, after the installation of the system is necessary to diPacs in all modalities diPacs Profile Center (CT, MR, XA, US) …, defined and all the images and diagnostic system operational exam diPacs post.
DiPacs system as soon as you download images, they will capture and record and update the Worklist. Also, the diPacs system can hold images in Real time-to implement network users and their experts in the Office Access to all brahati information. In the meantime, the fact that there is a very high number if you are in the automatic operation system of diPacs, as the archive on DVD in the future, and if accepted, if you need to rojoa to Can be Import to the images.
Also, in case of being connected with the global network aintzant, experts and users photos from any diVision in two ways or WebBased download.